About Us


Kendra Black , known around the city as "The Popcorn Lady" is the proud Owner and Chief Popcorn Artisan of Kendra's Gourmet Popcorn. A native of Nashville, TN, her love for popcorn began when she was just a little girl in her mothers kitchen. One of her fondest childhood memories is when her mother "Johnnie",  would summon her and her younger sister Mary in the kitchen to show them her secret to making her delicious popcorn, a silver cast iron pot. While she and her sister stood in the kitchen in amazement at the magic of seeing each kernel pop ,her father Harry was picking out the nights selection for their weekly family "Movie Night". 


In the Summer of 2016 while talking with one of her good friends, she found the conversation shift to the idea of becoming an entrepreneur. The timing of the conversation seemed to be divine as she had recently witnessed several of her friends and colleagues follow their dreams of starting their own business.


 "We were simply bouncing different ideas about new

 startup businesses that could possibly work."  


After talking to her friend,  feeling motivated and passionate about her love for cooking Kendra began experimenting with several different food creations.  During that time of creating new recipes in the kitchen, Kendra found herself reflecting back on the feelings of joy and amazement she had as a little girl, experiencing what seemed to be a special magic show, each time her mom would pull out that Silver cast iron pot. The nostalgia of seeing that silver pot, She always knew it  was time for "Family Movie Night" and fresh popcorn.


  She soon realized that the only "creation" that seemed to  turn out right was her mother's secret popcorn recipes. It was the passion she had inside and the love she had for her mother's popcorn that gave her courage to set off to the races of entrepreneurship. Ready, Set, POP!. After a few sessions of trial and error, She shared her new signature spin on her mothers popcorn with close friends and  family. With their support and honest critiques about her new take on "Johnnies" Popcorn, this propelled her to finally chase after her dream of becoming a business owner.


Originally named "What's Poppin, Kendra's Gourmet Popcorn"  when she launched the company  in September 2016, she soon realized that her dream of becoming a business owner was now a reality . She now stands proud offering delicious, fresh , made to order gourmet popcorn that will have you craving for more. 


She prides herself in using the most fresh and quality ingredients available in Nashville. In addition to all of her products being preservative- free she even uses popcorn kernels that are Non-GMO ( non- genetically modified organism).  Each of her signature popcorn products are handcrafted into a one of a kind experience for children today and a nostalgic experience for their parents who knows what it means to have "Movie Night" and homemade popcorn. 

When Kendra is not making her signature popcorn, she enjoys watching movies, attending painting classes and taking naps. 

In 2019 She launched an initiative that helps to foster Hope, Healing, Faith with "Popcorn with a Purpose". She has made a commitment to promote these initiatives by partnering with several local non-profit organizations and charities and by donating a portion of proceeds to selected organizations.  


With our NEW online ordering platform, the mission at Kendra's Gourmet Popcorn is to offer first-rate  gourmet products and exceptional customer service to all of its popcorn lovers from the comfort of their own homes.